Intrusion Detection & Prevention System

Botshield is a free-of-charge, quickly applicable
IDS/IPS security software for Windows Server!

Internetserver are daily threatened by a broad spectrum of attacks, performed by hackers all over the globe. In most cases, these attacks remain unnoticed.

As an Intrusion-Detection / Intrusion-Prevention-System (IDS/IPS), Botshield monitors the data traffic, detects unusual activities and locks out suspicious IP addresses via firewall to protect your system against many kinds of abusive attacks.


Software-Version 1.1 now secures:

  • Remote-Desktop (RDP)
  • Webserver (HTTP/HTTPS)
  • Fileserver (FTP)
  • E-Mail services (POP3,IMAP,SMTP)
  • MySQL databases


Further, a several times a day updated IP Blacklist helps to protect your system against the increasing number of threats through world wide operating botnets.

Botshield Home Screen Screenshot Botshield User-Interface


Botshield is quick and easy to use.
Install and be safe within 5 minutes!

The comfortable and easy-to-handle user interface offers you all important data about your servers security status at first sight. Detailed information can be checked with a click - and if desired, Botshield sends a daily report via e-mail!